Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free download Angry Bird : Space

Space is the final frontier, as that fella on Star Trek says, and now, rather than heading down to Brazil in some movie tie-in, or finding yourself blasting pumpkins in some extra levels for Halloween, Rovio's latest venture takes the angry birds and the green pigs out of this world.What ensues are three planetary bodies, with 30 levels a-piece and plenty of space pigs to kill.

The gameplay is as addictive as it always has been, and not too dissimilar to the tried and tested formula of AB games past, so you'll know whether that means you are bored of it already or raring to go.
The key difference is that gravity has been added as a gameplay tool, and specifically the gravitational pull of planets and moons. They each have an affect on the trajectory of your birds and that's something you've now got to factor in.



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