Sunday, October 14, 2012

Farming Giant - POSTMORTEM

Whether crop farming or rearing livestock, Farming Giant features extensive production processes and trade opportunities as well as a multitude of management options for players to build their enterprise and become a farming mogul.

Game Note

The legacy of the critically acclaimed Giant games already continued by the successful "Train Giant"highlights now the popular theme Agriculture up to a new level in "Farming Giant", presented by UIG. In the best
tradition of the giants-series the player will get a first-class business simulation crafted with a lot ofdetails. The player will build farms, maintain and upgrade his properties

Whether farming or ranching, the experience covers all parts of agriculture. With the right strategy and the
courage for expansion, international success is guaranteed. A huge game world, a variety of production processes and trade opportunities and various game modes as well as achievements provide long-lasting fun
Furthermore the agricultural giant impresses with wide range of management options (from seed to  distribution the players takes decisions by himself) and an extensive fleet of vehicles. A detailed skill tree provides RPG elements and offers the opportunity to specialize more and more!



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